Our Odyssey

What We Live In

"Odyssey" is the name of our 40' Neoplan bus. We now live aboard Odyssey full-time, and have no fixed residence at all (we have an empty piece of property in eastern Washington that we call "home" for government bureaucrats who can't fathom a nomadic existence).

Odyssey was already a motorhome when we bought it, but it had so many problems that we ended up stripping it down to bare metal and starting over. If you are interested in the nitty-gritty of the conversion process, click here.

Here is the floor plan:

Kitchen, living room and penthouse:

Bedroom in the rear, with queen bed. Wardrobe along back wall has hanging clothes space, drawers and bookcase.

Bathroom. Love that big shower!

Want even more details about the interior? Click here.

We get lots of questions about the bus, so we have created a Frequently Asked Questions page.

A not-so-brief history of Odyssey is here.

You can skip the details and go right to our picture site, with pictures of the conversion in progress, as well as some of our travels, with narrative captions.

Don't forget to visit our travel journal. It is updated almost daily!