Our Odyssey


You have found the home page of Louise Hornor and Sean Welsh. We have a web site principally because we live full time on the road in our converted Neoplan Spaceliner bus Odyssey, and our friends and family can conveniently keep up with our travels here. It is also an easy way for people we meet along the way to find out a bit more about us and our bus.

We chronicle our travels and misadventures almost daily in a blog. The blog is updated much more frequently than this site.

Who We Are allows us to introduce ourselves to you. You can also find our contact information there.

Where We Are takes you to a map of our current location.

What We Live In has pictures and other information about the bus itself.

A number of visitors come here because they are interested in bus conversions in general. How It Was Built is for folks who are looking for more specific technical data about Odyssey.

Why We Do This leads to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Photos are scattered throughout the site, especially on the blog. If you can't get enough pictures, visit our photo site.